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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get, although you should always feel free to contact us if you need more information!

Who is GDS Link?
GDS Link is a Global Data Solutions company specializing in advanced Risk Management software products and services designed for the financial services, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, insurance, automotive, merchant acquiring, healthcare and transportation industries.

What is Risk Management?
Download this paper to read how GDS Link explains this very commonly asked question.

How does GDS Link differ from other providers?
GDS Link software is state of the art. We take a unique approach to implementations; we are nimble, fast acting and accommodating. Try to get that from others in the market place. For additional differentiators please see the Company Overview.

Where is GDS Link head quartered?
GDS Link is based in Dallas, Texas with additional offices in Atlanta, GA

Where does the name GDS come from?
G = Global D = Data S = Solutions
GDS Link was launched with the vision to link data from global repositories and offer solutions to make the data actionable, interrogate data and decision it for purposes of risk, customer and collections management.

What can you tell me about GDS Link's solutions?
GDS Link focuses on: Originations, Customer Management, Fraud Services, Analytical Services and Consulting. To support these business areas we have a diverse product suite all derived from our award winning DataView360 product.

What are the current data sources available with GDS Link's solution?
GDS Link currently has access to over 30 data sources. GDS Link has access to all the US consumer and commercial data sources, many alternative sources such as PayNet, Teletrack and ID Insight, fraud data from Lexis Nexis and many international sources. For a complete list please view our Connection Library under Software Products.

What industries does GDS serve?
GDS Link's products and services were designed to support any industry looking to manage risk or improve their process automation process. Typically we support the financial services, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, insurance, automotive, healthcare and transportation industries

Do you have an Alliance Partnership Program?
Yes, GDS Link offers several alliance partnership opportunities. We have alliances with scoring and analytics companies, data providers and solution providers. If you are interested in learning more please Contact Us today!

We are a Data Provider; how do we get added to your Data Connector Library?
GDS will gladly add your file to our connection library. Please contact us for more information.

Do you offer a hosted environment?
Yes, GDS Link offers both hosted and licensed environments for our clients.

Do you offer additional training?
Yes, training is included with each system deployment but additional training can be requested at anytime. Training can be done remotely via web tutorials, at GDS Link's offices or onsite with at the client's location.

How do I request a demo of the software?
GDS Link will gladly provide a demo for you. Please Contact Us today!


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