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We had a fantastic day celebrating GDS Link’s 10th anniversary in our UK office. We hosted our very own open day with seminars throughout the day on Assisted Segmentation, IFRS 9 and Commercial Lending. If you didn’t manage to call in and say hello, here’s a quick round-up of what we covered in each of … Continue reading Open Day Round-Up

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), has outlined the new international standard on financial assets accounting, IFRS 9. This will be a revised update of the former IAS 39 regulation, motivated by the delayed recognition of credit losses on loans in the 2008 financial crisis. IFRS9 will be fully implemented on January 1st 2018. IAS … Continue reading IFRS 9

The DataView360™ Data Engine was developed to ease the integration with external and internal data sources, such as credit bureaus, fraud and ID verification providers. The software product is configurable to allow our customers to pick and choose the data they require within their processes for instant decisioning. DataView360™ is a web-services application that is … Continue reading Data Engine

Today’s risk management personnel are challenged to remain abreast of the dynamics and changes taking place in their respective industries, continually needing to design, develop and deploy new risk management strategies to meet growth objectives while mitigating risk and remaining compliant, however, many professionals are hindered by the limitations of their legacy applications, and the … Continue reading Decision Engine

Whether lending to consumers or businesses your organisation has a need to grow and acquire new clients. Sustainable growth requires you to process credit applications intelligently, consistently and cost effectively. Leveraging the power and flexibility of DataView360™ coupled with our firm’s extensive experience and knowledge of risk mitigation, GDS Link can provide a flexible full-scale … Continue reading Case Center