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The digital age has provided many new strategies for white-collar criminals to access accounts.

Experts warn of coming cyber-security threats

The virtual world is opening up new opportunities for frauds, thieves, and money launderers to get what isn’t theirs. In a special report, Scott Cohn of CNBC takes a look at what type of cyber crime may be waiting for us in 25 years. Read More »

Application Processing

Banks and other lenders are using technology to make application processing easier, but security concerns must be addressed.

Keeping banking secure in an age of social media

Regardless of which channels they use to interact with customers, financial institutions stand to benefit from the use of automated decisioning software that can assess credit risk during application processing. Read More »

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Perú – Registro de morosos online

Una reforma legislativa que crea registro de arrendatarios morosos fue aprobada por el Pleno del Congreso peruano durante los primeros días del corriente mes. La … Read More »