Custom Credit Scorecard Development & Monitoring

GDS Link offers custom Credit Scoring Model Development and Implementation Services that allow lenders to evaluate creditworthiness based on both conventional demographical, financial, bureau and behavioral data. Whether the borrower is a consumer or a business, we have extensive data management experience to help elevate your decisioning methodologies.
Our custom reporting and documentation provides detailed insight into the development process, sample populations and good vs. bad definitions, along with model descriptions and the relationship between score, population, and bad rate. To meet regulatory requirements, the entire process is documented and fully auditable by a third party.


These models help define:


  • Credit limit management
  • Risk assessment of credit applications
  • Propensity to buy or churn
  • Early alert systems
  • Cross selling of additional products to the best risks in the portfolio

Models may be implemented in DataView360, which facilitates data access and consolidation before applying the models and credit strategies within the Decision Engine.


Scorecard Monitoring

For sustainable growth, credit grantors must continually monitor scorecard and credit strategies and adapt to changing credit market conditions. Due to regulatory requirements, models need to be validated and adjusted regularly, or risk exposure can increase, opportunities can be overlooked and regulatory infractions incurred.




At GDS Link we can help you review and assess
the following functional areas of your models:


  • Stability of population
  • Model performance
  • Efficacy of overrides
  • Policy rules analysis
  • Vintage analysis

With extensive domain experience in numerous industries, GDS Link can effectively diagnose the status and effectiveness of your models, ensuring they are fine-tuned, compliant and meet the goals of your business. To learn more about our Analytic Solutions, please Contact Us today!