Case Management Application Processing Solutions

Whether lending to consumers or businesses, our customer’s organization has a need to grow and acquire new clients. Sustainable growth requires you to process credit applications intelligently, consistently and cost effectively. Leveraging the power and flexibility of DataView360® coupled with our firm’s extensive experience and knowledge of risk mitigation, GDS Link can provide a flexible full-scale Credit Case Management solution.

DataView360®’s Case Management interface supports originations, account review, fraud mitigation and collections. The Case Management interface addresses business process automation through queue management, workflow, prioritization, exception handling and cross-sell, making it ideal for any business looking for a fast, reliable and cost effective customer acquisition or underwriter solution.


The Case Management application processing solution delivers sophisticated functionality, including:


  • Data Capture
  • Worklists
  • Manual Review Queues
  • Summary Screens
  • Detailed Views of Credit Files
  • Exception Handling Tasks
  • Administrative Functions


While much of the Case Management application is pre-configured, GDS Link engineers can personalize your solution and deliver a system that meets all of your organization’s unique needs, no matter the level of complexity.