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Portfolio Management Services | Customer Management

Portfolio Management Services | Customer Management

To grow, businesses need to cultivate prospects and acquire new customers. However, to sustain long-term success, businesses need to ensure that existing clients are being reviewed and handled correctly.

This is especially true in turbulent economic times, when clients' risk profiles can change more frequently. A company's profits can sink or lift along this wave, as an existing client base is the financial lifeblood of a business. As a result, corporate leaders require tools that allow them to analyze the risk and value of each client in their portfolios.

Customer management software and portfolio management software can be effective tools in the ongoing battle to assess client potential. However, where other products fall short or fail to deliver, DataView360 - developed by GDS Link - offers users highly flexible risk management tools and more sophisticated consultation on the best ways to source and analyze relevant data.

Our toolkit, which can integrate with your existing data platforms to aggregate and summarize important metrics, can serve as a hub of information for business leaders who need to determine the risk present with certain accounts. With DataView 360 and GDS Link customer management solutions, leaders enjoy a greater ability to make decisions, whether a particular client presents a new sales opportunity or another demonstrates an adverse risk to the bottom line.

Making better business decisions depends on finding the right data

Before a decision can be made regarding a particular client, business leaders need to analyze all relevant variables and factors. A number of internal and external data sources are available to generate this information, but portfolio management software can help bring this data together and make it accessible to financial professionals.

At GDS Link, our customer management solutions take this concept a step further by empowering businesses to assign the most effective treatment strategies for particular clients. For example, a customer that is becoming an increasing burden or financial risk can be shed before significant losses are sustained, while a potentially overlooked client that could present palatable cross-sell opportunities can be tapped at the right time to increase profits.

Benefiting from GDS Link and our customer management solutions

How does GDS Link and our portfolio management software help business leaders make these critical judgments and decisions? Our products offer a number of tools that offer increased visibility and control over customer accounts, including the following:

• Advanced strategy management features, such as the champion challenger strategy or what-if strategy
• Generic or custom score model development to aid in decision making
• Optimization tools, which can help maximize the effective utilization of finite resources such as maximum credit limits
• Sophisticated analytical databases
• Treatment strategy assignment tools.

With these tools at their fingertips, businesses can identify the right customer strategies needed to mitigate loss, improve productivity and develop a stronger long-term portfolio.

Working with GDS Link to build a better foundation for risk management strategies

At GDS Link, we work to develop technological solutions to better serve businesses in a number of verticals, including the financial services industry, telecommunications, lending and the retail sector. Businesses in each of these industries must face and manage risk, and with our flexible and functional risk management tools, company leaders can improve several aspects of their business, including originations, customer management and fraud mitigation.

Our strategies - backed by our flagship product, DataView360 - are lauded for versatility, sophistication and ease of implementation. Cost-efficient and accessible to any business in a variety of industries, GDS Link software solutions require minimal upfront integration and can be expanded with ease as the business scales, providing companies with idea tools to manage their growth.


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