3 quick tips to get analytics projects going [Video]

Revenues in the global big data and analytics market will rise to two-hundred and ten billion dollars by twenty twenty. The banking sector is among the industries driving growth.
Cloud platforms and modular solution models are making analytics more accessible for smaller firms trying to keep up with market change. Organizations trying to get analytics off the ground should consider these tips if they want to get ahead:
One: Revisit how you gather and store data. Analytics platforms that mine data from diverse sources can simplify this process for you.
Two: Train employees so they understand how to properly interact with and build out analytics systems.
Three: Target specific use cases to make it easier to glean value from early efforts.
GDS Link is among the analytics technology providers making big data accessible for smaller firms. Our modular software approach lets clients pick and choose how to leverage our solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

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