3 risk analytics modules that make a natural match [Video]

The modular nature of some credit risk analytics platforms, such as the GDS Link ecosystem, makes it easier to mix and match solutions to solve specific pain points. One particularly exciting module combo includes three key capabilities:

Module one: Credit scorecard model development: This tool helps you leverage analytics to create more varied credit scorecards that account for a wide range of data sets.

Module two: Application processing loan origination and credit underwriting: This system provides end to end loan initiation, from identifying if the borrower is qualified for the loan to figuring out who will handle underwriting.

And module three: Case management: The final module in our trio, case management lets you track a borrower’s interactions with greater ease and get more visibility into circumstance.

GDS Link offers a variety of other modules, all noteworthy in their own right. When considering combined value, however, these solutions work together to streamline every phase of the lending process.

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