GDS Link, A Risk Management Software Company


We offer technology solutions, analytical and consulting services for the modern lender. As a result of partnering with GDS Link, our clients have experienced market-leading risk management and workflow automation solutions that encompass the entire credit life-cycle.



For over 10 years we have helped thousands of lending institutions and diverse organizations around the globe achieve higher growth while successfully managing risk. Rather than one size fits all solutions, our industry-specific risk management insights helps guide the development and implementation of solutions tailored to individual needs.



Credit Risk Management for Financial Services
The financial
services sector
Credit Risk Management for Merchant Acquirer
Merchant acquirer
Credit Risk Management for Telecommunications


Credit Risk Management for Retail
Credit Risk Management for Energy Companies



The modular design of GDS Link’s solutions eliminates the need for a company to make wholesale changes to their existing infrastructure. GDS Link’s solutions are low maintenance and extremely scalable, with the ability to process and decision large transaction volumes in sub-seconds.

Because we understand the importance of improving risk management practices and realizing a solid return on investment when deploying important analytics and technology, GDS Link’s DataView360® application can be customized to deliver a complete solution or enhance existing applications with the necessary elements. By being highly attentive to our clients’ needs and leveraging our own industry-leading knowledge and experience, GDS Link delivers exceptional value and an enhanced customer experience.

Our services are also optimal for any organizations that need to optimize and automate their credit risk management policies and strategies.

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