The Modellica Decision Management Suite, along with the Analytic Cloud, provides a comprehensive environment that makes it quick and easy to glean insights from data, and develop analytic models and decision services that operationalize those insights. It seamlessly integrates analytics, decisioning, data exploration, rapid application development to provide a complete and agile decisioning solution.

Decision Management Architecture

Digital transformation is changing how companies create business value. Customers want to interact in real-time across a variety of channels – permanent availability is a precondition. At the same time, markets are continuously changing and companies need to be able to manage their increased business risks. In order to raise profitability and grow in this dynamic environment, companies automate and optimize their operational decisions to leverage business value.

Case Center

Whether lending to consumers or businesses, your organization has a need to grow and acquire new clients. Sustainable growth requires you to process credit applications intelligently, consistently and cost effectively. Leveraging the power and flexibility of DataView360 coupled with our firm’s extensive experience and knowledge of risk mitigation, GDS MODELLICA can provide a flexible full-scale Case Management solution.


The DataView360 was developed to ease the integration with external and internal data sources, such as credit bureaus, fraud and ID verification providers. The software product is configurable to allow our customers to pick up and choose the data they require, within their processes, for instant decisioning. DataView360 is a web-services application that is easily integrated within existing infrastructure or external environments. The DataView360 Data Engine has emerged as an essential tool for effective and dynamic risk management practices.

High Performance Environment

Technology will not only change customer behaviour, but also enable new risk-management techniques, often coupled with advanced analytics. The proliferation of new technologies provides cheaper, faster computing power and data storage, which enable better risk decision support and process integration.

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