Unleash the Power of ePrescreen365

By providing a user-friendly digital widget, we completely transform the way tailored financial products and services are offered to customers. With just a simple user experience, customers can access a wide range of convenient and personalized financial solutions. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that funds are readily available to consumers, while simultaneously empowering lenders with enhanced efficiency and profitability.


ePrescreen365 is a responsive widget that enables your customers to look up their prescreen offers on file as well as get prequalified for additional offers. The solution is hosted on your site to provide a seamless user experience. With just a snippet of code you can have a full prescreen/prequal solution in minutes.

Supercharge you loan generation

ePrescreen365 revolutionizes the consumer lending landscape for financial institutions by providing personalized financial offers through an intuitive digital widget. Our cutting-edge technology is perfectly timed to meet consumer demands, granting them swift access to desired funds, while simultaneously empowering lenders with enhanced efficiencies that bolster their profitability.

Omnichannel Marketing

Leverage all your marketing channels to drive members to view their existing offers or get pre-qualfied for new offers.

Grow loan volume

Gain a competitive edge with our cutting-edge digital widget, connecting consumers to proactive and instant offers.

Enhance the customer experience

Provide personalized loan offers to your customers while increasing your conversion rate. Let your customers know what they qualify before they apply without impacting their credit score.

Ready to get started?

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