Conversational Banking: the next step in Digitalization (webinar in Spanish)

On Oct 29th , GDS Modellica held the second chapter of the Webinar Series: “Adapting Credit Risk to the New Challenges of Banking in the 21st Century”.

The second chapter of the webinar series was on “Conversational Banking: the next step in digitalization”. During this webinar the interesting benefits for the Banking industry of having automated response and decision mechanisms, such as chatbot, were discussed.

These automated systems allow interaction with the customer in real time, being able to meet the customer’s needs or requests. Including decision parameters such as requirements and minimum returns, these chatbot can offer the most appropriate product taking into account the interests of both the customer and the company.

During the session, top professionals in this area shared their knowledge and advice, to offer a more complete vision of the economic environment and its constant changes, as well as demonstrated the advantages for organizations to have automated decisional technology.

To address the complexity of the topic and explain it in the most informative way possible, the webinar was led by Antonio Garcia Rouco, EMEA & LAC Managing Director of GDS Modellica and Angel Salamanca, Founder & CEO of Algo New.

The good response to the call, as well as the questions asked, demonstrated the interest that the topic proposed by GDS Modellica and Algo New arouses in the banks and financial institutions of Latin America and Europe.

If you would like to know more about it, or are interested in the decisional and / or conversational technologies of GDS Modellica and Algo New, contact us



Oct 29 2020
GDS Modellica


GDS Modellica

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