Leveraging Analytics to Drive Value in the New Normal

On 17th December, GDS Modellica held a new webinar titled “Leveraging Analytics to Drive Value in the New Normal”.

Lenders are facing a landscape filled with hurdles whether it be borrower forbearance, deferred payments or the constant uncertainty around unemployment. The new foreseeable future will require lenders to rely on a value driven analytics function, and have a rapid response to market changes.

During the session, leading professionals in this area shared their knowledge and advice, to provide a more complete view of the economic environment and its constant changes, the different technologies to the rescue of companies in troubles and their advantages.

To address the complexity of the subject and explain it in the most informative way, the webinar was led by Carl Spilker, EVP of Analytics & Consultancy at GDS Link – GDS Group, and Florian Lyonnet, Chief Data Scientist at GDS Link – GDS Group.

The good response to the call, as well as the questions asked, showed the importance of this current and challenging matter.

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Dec 17 2020
GDS Modellica


GDS Modellica

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