Modular. Seamless. Advanced.

GDS Link solutions provide full credit lifecycle customer insight and automation, everything from Originations and Account Monitoring through to Collections and Recovery. Modular execution works for organizations ranging from startups to giants.


About GDS

GDS Link was launched in 2006 by two former Scorex (later Experian-Scorex) executives Paul Greenwood and Yves Duhoux. Through their 25+ years of collective market experience, Paul and Yves observed numerous inefficiencies, unnecessary complexity and gaps in the Credit Risk Lending Community. In addition, they wanted to build a company that factored relationships into the bottom line. They started GDS Link with the mission to reinvent and streamline the industry with the idea that the best services comes from strong and authentic personal relationships with their clients.

Meet the Team

Rich Alterman
EVP of Business Development

Keith Hale
Managing Director, GDS Link UK

Gustavo Vercinsky
Director GDS Link, Argentina

Angel Salamanca
Managing Director, GDS Europe

Roberto Giannantoni
Managing Partner, GDS Direct

Yves Duhoux
Principal and Co-founder

Paul Greenwood
President and Co-founder

Brian Hachez
Managing Partner, GDS Asia

Gursel Kubilay
Managing Director, GDS Eurasia