It’s time to embrace risk analytics [Video]

Ramping up risk management functionality is becoming a de facto part of innovation in the financial services sector, so much so that most firms now have chief risk officers in place.
Furthermore, eighty percent of firms believe they are well positioned to analyze traditional forms of risk.
The organizations that are really getting ahead, however, are the ones embracing modern analytics functionality. FinTech innovation is key here, with seventy-seven percent of firms ramping up their innovation efforts.
On top of this, eighty-two percent of financial services companies expect to partner with FinTech specialists during the next three to five years.
The risk analytics revolution is here. Firms can’t afford to ignore it and risk falling behind. GDS Link can help organizations take leaps in risk analytics with our full suite of solutions. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you catch up in a changing industry.

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