Partner Spotlight – Identify Profitable Customers with Accelitas

Are you rejecting too many customers?
AI Lift, a real-time service available from our partner Accelitas (formerly Dragnet Solutions, Inc.), applies proprietary AI and machine learning techniques to analyze rejected financial applications for any overlooked indications of creditworthiness, enabling companies to say “yes” to profitable applicants they would have otherwise have rejected.
By applying AI Lift to loan decisioning, lenders have been able to grow revenue and achieve an ROI of 30:1 or higher.
AI Lift is fully integrated in our DataView360® platform.
Accelitas is offering free tests of AI Lift, analyzing rejected accounts for overlooked signs of creditworthiness. Within 30 days, you will receive a report detailing which accounts could have been offered credit. To learn more about testing AI Lift, please contact Craig Moore, SVP – National Sales Manager at Accelitas, at or +1 (415) 842-7731.
The video below provides an introduction to AI Lift:

Accelitas Accelerated Insight Platform
AI Lift is part of the Accelitas Accelerated Insight® platform, a complete solution for accelerating mobile account opening and growing profitable accounts.
The Accelitas Accelerated Insight® Platform enhances your organization’s identity intelligence by leveraging data analytics and machine learning to deliver the predictive insights you need to grant fast, fair and frictionless access to more customers.
Accelerated Insight delivers real-time Document and Customer Insights that together provide a complete solution to help you identify and say “yes” to more customers.
Fast, Frictionless, and Predictive Mobile Account Opening
Our Document Insights services are designed specifically to address the challenges of identifying and authenticating consumers on mobile devices. To deliver these insights, the platform provides two real-time web services, AI Extract and AI Authenticate, which accept images of the front and back of an ID as inputs.

  • AI Extract automatically extracts card data for use in auto-form-fill.
  • AI Authenticate validates the ID as authentic. As part of its analysis, AI Authenticate uses patented technology that evaluates IDs based on wear, enabling the service to deliver highly accurate results even when IDs are smudged or worn. In addition, the service tokenizes IDs for instant re-authentication for subsequent transactions.

Both services accelerate mobile or online onboarding. They can be integrated into a mobile app or Web app, launched via a text message sent directly to a consumer, or accessed via an XML call.
The video below provides a quick introduction to the platform’s Document Insights services.

If you’re thinking about adding or optimizing mobile onboarding for your lending business, we recommend that you consider AI Extract and AI Authenticate.
Growing Profits with Predictive Customer Identity Intelligence
Accelerated Insight also includes two real-time services, AI Verify and AI Lift, that deliver Customer Insights and support KYC/CIP verifications and loan decisioning.

  • AI Verify performs comprehensive, real-time ID verification and risk/confidence analysis.
  • AI Lift applies advanced analytics to re-consider loan applicants that lenders might otherwise reject.

Both services have been designed to deliver high match rates and predictive results for the 30% of U.S. adults who are invisible to traditional account-screening services.
Both these services are integrated in GDS Link’s DataView360 platform and can easily be turned on for testing either historical or live production data. These services do not disturb any existing data models. Instead they offer new data-driven insights that businesses can use to optimize their loan decisioning and to grow profitable accounts.
A Complete Solution for Customer Identity Intelligence
With two pictures of an ID and the consumer’s Social Security number, the Accelerated Insight Platform performs a complete vetting of a customer for onboarding in 10 seconds or less. Lenders who are not yet using mobile services can still use AI Verify and AI Lift, both of which are available through our DataView360 platform, to confidently say “yes” to more accounts, growing revenue and reducing risk.
For more information about Accelitas, or to test the Accelerated Insight platform with your customer account portfolio, contact your GDS Link sales representative or Craig Moore, SVP – National Sales Manager at Accelitas, at or +1 (415) 842-7731.

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