GDS Link, LLC offers several partnership opportunities that provide companies with additional software capabilities, enhancing current product offerings to new and existing customers, The DataView360 product provides data integration services, data aggregation, scorecard model technoloogy and rules engine capabilities. GDS Link provides everything from private-label opportunities to a full custom development of products or solutions using its industry leading enabling technology.
Scoring and Analytics companies—DataView360 gives you the ability to deliver your intellectual property (IP) to customers in a way that has not been possible before. Implement and maintain your IP using our tool kit, then provide your clients with an easy-to-implement web-service (black box) for scorecard and attribute deployment to implementation.



Data Providers—DataView360 gives you the capability to implement custom attributes and scores directly within your environment. It also gives you the ability to rapidly provide your customers with customized web-services interface to access your data, attributes and scores inline, which dramatically reduces your clients integration costs. Using the tool kit, DataView360 gives you the ability to configure fully customized hosted solutions quickly and safely with minimal impact to your existing infrastructure.


Solution Providers—GDS Link provides the ability to embed (OEM) its technology into your existing product set, expanding your solution capabilities and giving you a competitive advantage in your maket. DataView360 cross-platform technology makes integration simple, rapidly providing access to data sources around the globe along with custom scoring, retro scoring and decisioning capabilites.