Analytical Data Mart Software

GDS Link knows that you need more than power and speed to design the optimal strategies for your acquisitions, account management and collections operations. You also need business intelligence and ‘what-if?’ capabilities.

That’s where the GDS Link Analytical Data Mart Software (ADM) comes in. ADM uses anonymized consumer (or commercial) records, so there are no PII or privacy concerns, and helps make sense out of your past experiences so that new strategies can be implemented to minimize risk and optimize profit objectives.

The ADM will work with your existing licenses for business intelligence and reporting methods, so there’s no need to go out and purchase duplicative, redundant software—or need to learn a new system.

GDS Link will set everything up — and even manage ADM in the cloud, if desired. GDS Link’s ADM contains data aggregated on the customer level, but without PII, such as the average number of transactions in last 12 months, number and type of transactions during the last 12 months, and was the outcome profitable or was it a charge-off, etc.

These computed aggregate values are readily available through DataView360® (or other ETL process), and serve to create a metadata layer, from which reports can be readily prepared.

Analytical Data Marts are typically built only once – at the start of the analytical process – but they are cyclically and automatically updated, to contain all the relevant information pertaining to customers, products and transactions in a given period. Even though records are stripped of sensitive PII, each record retains a unique identifier that allows users to drill-down—back to the original account.

From turn-key SaaS solutions, to bespoke, highly personalized enterprise solutions, GDS offers best-in-class data interpretation, decision and machine-learning power to clients in 28 countries.

About GDS Link


GDS Link is a global provider of credit risk management solutions and consulting for multiple verticals within the financial services industry including alternative financial service lending through both brick-and-mortar and online channels, marketplace lending for both consumer and small business, point of sale retail finance, credit card, auto and leasing.