Counteracting Delinquencies to Improve Profitability

Delinquencies across almost all consumer categories are on the rise. GDS Link offers solutions to combat these trends. We help you identify and implement proven collections strategies, including propensity to pay, treatment techniques and more, at every stage of the collections process, from pre-delinquency to modification. Provide a better customer experience, one designed to increase customer retention and mitigate the risks associated with delinquency.

Boost Your Bottom Line with More Effective Collections

Modellica’s modeling and decisioning functionality can help you reduce debt by applying the right collections strategies to the right customers at the right time. Maximizing collection wins can significantly alter overall loan performance and profitability while greatly reducing servicing costs.

Start Using Pre-Collection Triggers

Stop leaving money on the table with inadequate pre-collection processes and procedures. GDS Link will help you establish robust reporting to detect accounts that are likely to lapse into default and apply the right treatment strategies for the best possible outcome.

Using Data to Get Ahead of Delinquencies

Our Modellica platform can mine massive amounts of customer data, seizing opportunities to preempt default. Analyze bank transaction records to flag the sudden absence of a payroll direct deposit. Modellica aggregates data from over 200 industry-leading sources, giving you the power to create multiple touchpoints for pre-delinquency customers.

What Our Customers Say

Over 80% of banks can’t participate in credit cards because of scale. We saw an opportunity to build a 21st century end-to-end platform for banks to service credit card loans, including credit decisioning and on-boarding processes.

President CorServ

We had a 50% reduction in time to implement a Logistical Regression Model by using GDS's PMML tool. Previously it took approximately 20 hours and with this tool we can deploy a model in approximately 10.

Senior Manager of Risk Analytics Alternative Lending

We have the ability to pull and aggregate data - pass the data through the decision engine - implement rule sequences and process credit applications for multiple banks. The stability of the base code allows us to turn the tool into what we need to be – it is a huge benefit.

Fundation Representative Small Business Lending

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Learn how GDS Link drives value throughout the credit life cycle and what sets us apart.