Unstructured data rising in risk management [Video]

Financial institutions are becoming more reliant on unstructured data formats in their risk assessment strategies.
Unstructured data comes in many forms, including social media posts, video, email messages and word processing documents.
For a long time, these types of data sets were too difficult to analyze for use in financial services. Risk assessment teams were forced to settle for rigid, unchanging scorecards and decision engine options.
Modern analytics tools are empowering institutions to incorporate unstructured data sets into their risk management processes. This is accomplished with robust decision engines and custom scorecard tools that help organizations build analytics into operations. GDS Link specializes in offering cutting-edge tools to help organizations find success with new data types.
Unstructured data allows firms to help diverse stakeholders in the risk management landscape. Incorporating modern analytics into scorecards and decision engines can mitigate the complexity of varied data sets.
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