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Analytical Solutions

GDS Link has developed advanced tools that are designed specifically for the implementation and maintenance of custom scorecard models, data attribute sets and complex risk management strategies.  GDS Link's DataView360 with its attribute and connector workbench, easy to use scripting utility and intuitive rules engine makes the deployment of custom models easy!  With DataView360 gone are the days of black box models and prolonged deployment times due to IT constraints.

The ability for risk management personnel to perform "What If" simulations prior to the deployment of new risk models and process flows is a critical job function. DataView360 provides risk personnel with the tools required to effectively perform 'what if' views based on archived historical data which can be applied to new models and risk strategies. In addition to archived data, retrospective test data provided by new data providers that are being evaluated by the organization can be incorporated into the risk evaluation process.

In addition to 'What if "analyses based on archived data, the ability to deploy new strategies against a small segment of the future applicant population versus the entire population is an effective way to test new strategies. DataView360 provides the ability to implement Champion/Challenger strategies allowing an organization to test and measure the performance of new strategies over time.

Our analytical solutions include:

  • Analytical Database Implementations
  • What If simulations
  • Support of Champion/Challenger Implementations
  • Performance Data Integration
  • Ability to easily reuse SAS scripting

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While credit scoring development has a strong tradition within the credit industry, the difference between an average model and a high performing one is measured in dollars. From the beginning of our development, our experienced analytical team will work with you to define:

  • Appropriate sample windows and maturing periods
  • Good bad definitions that fit the business user conceptions and also guarantee strong predictive models
  • Generate synthetic attributes that will be both intuitive and predictive
  • Compute alternative multivariate models with strong predictive power and different flavors so you can select the model that is best for your business
  • Spread the weight across the various attributes so that no strong predominance of one attribute risks future performance of the Model. And without sacrificing predictive power.

With each project we deliver extensive and custom documentation of the model, the relationship between score, population and bad rate, distribution of variables, etc.

In addition to building Credit Scoring Models our team has the experience to develop Behavior Scoring models as well. If application models are powerful to predict future delinquency, behavioral models are even better. Behavioral attributes are predictive, less prone to manipulation and do not need to be requested from the client. GDS Link develops behavioral models at client or product level, depending on the nature of the business.

The applications of the behavioral models built by GDS Link can be used in the following areas:

  • Credit limit management
  • Cross selling from a credit perspective
  • Propensity to buy
  • Attrition anticipation
  • Early alert systems

Behavior models may be implemented in DataView360, which will take care of data access and consolidation before applying the models and the credit strategies in the Decision Engine.

If your institution manages an important portfolio of accounts, we can team together to increase its profitability for you.

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With increased delinquency levels and more accounts to review a common reaction is to increase the resources assigned to collection activities. But adding muscle is not the only resource available to Collection Managers. Intelligent segmentation of the delinquent portfolio can lead to better results, controlled collection costs and increased customer retention.

Credit grantors often disregard an important asset when dealing with delinquent accounts: the stock of behavioural information available on the customer. GDS Link helps the Collections Departments to exploit this wealth of information to optimise the collection process.

Our solutions are built around the statistical development of collections models, assigning to each delinquent account a probability of successful recovery within a given time frame. These models are instrumental in segmenting the portfolio and the first step to assign different strategies to different delinquent profiles. The implementation of models and strategies through our Rules Engine is combined with periodical monitoring of the results.

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The use of predictive models is widespread today and many market players resort to similar modelling tools and techniques. There are situations, however, where existing business practices are not enough it is time to Optimize.
The question is: How can an organization most effectively leverage its finite resources to achieve optimal results?

Financial and material constraints in terms of budget, operations and available credit for lending  requires that  management make effective decisions on how to assign these resources to individual customer accounts. The challenge is to properly allocate resources in order to achieve the maximum return on investment possible.  Quantitative Optimization methods can be effectively utilized to develop models that will help organizations determine the optimum utilization of existing resources.
Some applications of optimization include:

  • Risk Build the optimal segmentation tree instead of manually defining segments based on past judgmental experience. This way risk can be minimized or account profitability maximized.
  • Marketing Select the channel, promotional package and offer for each customer in a portfolio in order to maximize customer value given marketing budget constraints.
  • Collections Assign the optimal collection strategy to the delinquent portfolio at the account level in order to maximize recoveries respecting resource limitations in terms of budget and collectors availability.

Two key factors for a successful optimization project include the need to translate the business problem into a well formed mathematical optimization problem. This is done by our consultants working very closely with the business area. The other pillar of success is to apply the proper software to solve the problem. GDS Link's Strategy Optimization Engine assures an efficient and precise solution of your optimization problem.
Assignment of optimal strategies can be done on a one-off basis or on a periodical basis. This depends of the nature of the business problem.

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What is the point of delegating decisions on credit applications to sophisticated systems without closely monitoring the results?

You need to continually monitor your scorecard and credit strategies so you can adapt to changing credit market conditions.

As a result of your continuous surveillance you may decide to change your strategies, fine-tune your model or even replace it for a brand new one.

At GDS Link we can help you inspect the following functional areas of your models:

  • Stability of population
  • Model performance
  • Efficacy of overrides
  • Policy Rules Analysis
  • Vintage analysis

Our wide exposure to industry best practices and hands on experience building models allows us to effectively diagnose the health status of your models. We base our analysis on business intelligence tools that you will be able to access so that collaborative work and know-how transfer can take place.

Remember that scorecards model use data from the past with the expectation that the future will be similar. Never let your decision systems run unmonitored if you want to keep up with events.

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