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We’re not just another software company. We’re risk management professionals who design solutions for other risk management professionals. Software, advisory services and analytics, we’re here to provide your team with the data analysis tools they need to do what they do best, only even better.

Modellica Analytical Services

Scorecard models need to be tested and validated regularly to avoid increased exposure and overlooked opportunities. Collaborate with our analytics team to assess your decisioning policies, model performance and areas of opportunity. Tap into over 200 global sources of data to customize scorecards. Our analytics team can monitor the performance, as well as execute Champion / Challenger experiments in a cycle of continuous improvement.

Advisory Services

GDS Link supports financial industry titans and trailblazers, from banks and credit unions, to specialty lenders and more. Our software manages the daily activities of risk management teams. Our advisory team consults with clients to improve scorecard models and mine untapped opportunities. Before entering new markets, targeting new audiences or launching new products, engage with GDS Link’s advisory services team to model the opportunity and understand your exposure.

Implementation Services

GDS Link’s Modellica platform is available both as a license and on-premise solution and can be deployed rapidly. A dedicated Client Success Partner comes standard with each implementation and beyond. Modellica is preconfigured for seamless integration with industry-leading loan application systems, marketing platforms and over 200 global sources of borrower data. Your Customer Success Partner works with your risk managers to deliver ROI immediately.

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