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Today’s risk management personnel are challenged to remain abreast of the dynamics and changes taking place in their respective industries, continually needing to design, develop and deploy new risk management strategies to meet growth objectives while mitigating risk and remaining compliant.

However, many professionals are hindered by the limitations of their legacy applications, and the dependent resources and specialized professionals who support them.  Competing priorities and schedules can extend project timelines, making it more difficult to deploy new strategies, reducing the nimbleness of an organization to react. Implementing a credit decision engine solves many of those issues.

What is a Credit Decisioning Engine?

A credit decision engine is a customizable automation platform that executes decisions based off your credit policies and rules. They are designed to help organizations save time and money by executing these “easy” credit decisions and allows manual underwriters to focus on more unique situations.

Benefits of GDS Link’s Modellica Credit Decision Engine Software

GDS Link’s Modellica Decision Engine is built for large and smaller organizations alike, with the ability to ad complexity and granularity as you grow. The Modellica Decision Engine provides a digital loan application solution, that integrates with any existing loan application system to reduce lead acquisition costs and automate credit decision to power instant, digital loan originations. Other benefits include:

  1. More expertise & support – Our decision engine is not just software, but also a trusted advisor to institutions that want to optimize and develop innovative growth strategies.
  2. Increased profits – By streamlining your processes and reducing human error, your organization will say yes to more applicants that meet your credit policies and rules.
  3. More usable data – GDS Link Modellica Decision Engine has over 200 data integrations and defined attributes, making data ready to decision on.
  4. Reduced costs – Reducing the amount of human decisions ultimately reduces the overall cost due to the amount of time saved.

Key Features of Credit Rules Engine Software

Deployed in several countries in a myriad of industries, the flexible Credit Decisioning Engine currently processes hundreds of thousands of decisions daily for. Whether you’re a fintech, bank, credit union, or small business lender, by leveraging GDS Link’s Credit Decision Engine Software, your organization can easily implement:

  • Risk-Based Pricing
  • Custom Models; Loan Origination, Behavioral, Collection/Propensity to Pay, Recovery and more
  • Segmentation Strategies
  • Upsell & Counter Offers
  • Champion/Challenger Strategies
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Step-by-Step Audit

Why Choose GDS Link’s Credit Decision Engine?

  • Experience & Expertise – we have an extensive, dedicated team of professional with decades of risk and analytics industry experience ready to serve your organization.
  • Best of Breed Partnerships – GDS Link partners with additional risk and data analytics firms to provide various data sources for our clients.
  • Extensive Predicted Data – GDS Link has curated our own normalized credit bureau suite of premium attributes that are model-ready and governance-reviewed.
  • Best Practices & Efficiencies – Our models are continuously evolved to keep up with the ever-changing landscape, saving our clients the cos of additional and extensive internal hiring.

By leveraging GDS Link, you gain access to the best and most flexible technology in the market today. Our solutions are suited to accommodate most applications and budgets, and can help you take control of your credit risk operations, thus allowing you to focus on improving and achieving organizational goals. To learn more about the Modellica Decision Engine and see how we can best partner optimize your lending strategy, Contact Us today.

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