Leverage Insights to Drive Action

Enhanced decision-making means better business. GDS Link leverages an artificial intelligence framework such as machine learning modeling to improve your profitability. Our team works with you to identify your untapped opportunities and turn these into reduce exposure, greater responses and approvals, improved operational efficiency and ultimately more margin. Accelerate your growth and automate your future with ModellicaPro risk management analytics.

How Does ModellicaPro Work?

1 – Develop

Deep experience with data and access to more than 100 data sources. Suite of attribute libraries built to enhance Machine Learning scorecards and ongoing performance.

2- Deploy

Deploy your custom model directly onto GDS Link AI platform and scale it as needed. With quick turnaround times, you won’t experience response delays ever again.

3- Protect

ModellicaPro alerts you as soon as deviations occur in your models, so you’ll never be caught off guard. Self service model monitoring solution or GDS Link oversees on your behalf.

4- Experiment

Re-develop your models to accommodate your newest performance data, or experiment to make sure your models operate the way you want them to. The choice is yours.

Why ModellicaPro Credit Risk Analytical Services?

Deep Expertise with Alternative Data

Covers full credit customer lifecycle
Supports Python, R, SAS, and SQL
Champion-Challenger testing

Refine Models and Tactics

Receive portfolio performance data and reporting
Develop up-to-date scorecard models, decision trees, and more
Data curation for optimization recommendations

Work with Financial Experts

50+ years of global expertise and experience
Third-party assessment and collaboration
No need for extensive internal hiring

ModellicaPro In Action


Growing the company’s loan portfolio meant that goeasy needed to save time and reduce the credit risks of their system design process.

After the goeasy team started utilizing the GDS Link PMML solution, they were able to accelerate and streamline their model deployments and increase their overall agility.


Put GDS Link to the Test

Stop leaving Data on the table and learn about how we can build the best model for your business.


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