Getting the Most from Your Data to Uncover Insights

With Modellica Analytical Services, our team mines your data to identify trends and untapped opportunities, looking for ways to maximize your investment potential. Insights from these analytics inspire new risk strategies across the credit customer lifecycle. Respond quickly, reach a decision faster. Continuously monitor and establish rules to analyze your entire portfolio for opportunity and risk in seconds. 

Monitor for Maximum Effectiveness

The Modellica analytics engine watches over the full credit customer lifecycle. Meanwhile, our team of experts monitors and analyzes your data to discover meaningful insights, refine models, run simulations and make recommendations. The engine can consume various languages such as Python, R, SAS, SQL, etc., deploy these from XML or upload directly onto the engine the finalized model libraries.

Refine Tactics as Your Portfolio Evolves

Modellica’s robust analytics platform generates an impressive repository of portfolio performance data over time, providing fuel for optimization schemes, scorecard models, along with decision trees, machine learning, custom calculations and more. GDS Link’s analytics services team curates the data to provide your organization with customized optimization recommendations.

Work with Experts Across the Financial Spectrum

Our decades of experience with credit risk strategies offers an advantage to our clients. Shifts in market dynamics, compliance requirements and the changes of the global economy require risk managers to maintain a 30,000-foot view of the financial landscape and the agility to adapt to change. Support from our analytics experts help your organization stay focused on driving growth and minimizing risk.

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