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Leverage advanced data integration and automated decisioning solutions with GDS Link to elevate your credit risk management. Achieve smarter, faster decisions with our comprehensive suite of tools designed to drive growth and improve decision quality.


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Why GDS Link?

Credit Risk Management | GDS Link

Easier Data Experience

Seamlessly integrate data from various sources for a complete view of your customers.

Credit Risk Management | GDS Link

Implementation with Precision

Execute your credit policy with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Credit Risk Management | GDS Link

Transformation Across
Full Credit Lifecycle

Support for every stage of the credit lifecycle, from originations to collections.

Helping Clients Turn Data Into Decisions

At GDS Link, our mission is to empower lenders with robust software, advanced analytics, and advisory consulting to drive growth while effectively managing risk. For nearly two decades, we have been a trusted partner to thousands of lending institutions and diverse organizations worldwide. Our industry-specific credit risk management insights guide the development and implementation of tailored solutions that meet each client’s unique needs.

We optimize our clients’ performance, enabling them to focus on increasing revenue and maximizing their existing customer base. Our integrated risk management software and analytics ensure organizations fully leverage available data to elevate their lending capabilities.

With expertise in advanced risk analytics and a deep understanding of the evolving lending landscape, GDS Link delivers solutions and services that address immediate needs, accelerate loan funding, and efficiently manage the borrower lifecycle.


What Our Customers Say

“We wanted to duplicate the existing systems capabilities at a lower cost and be able to add additional functionality as needed.”

Leader Commercial Truck Financing (BMO)

“Working with GDS allows us to automate very complex decisioning algorithms and incorporate new models that could not be accomplished in our old system. It is the key to success.”

Head of Credit Infrastructure, Specialty Finance, Short Term Installment lending (Republic Finance)

“We had a 50% reduction in time to implement a Logistical Regression Model by using GDS’s PMML tool. Previously it took approximately 20 hours and with this tool we can deploy a model in approximately 10.”

Senior Manager of Risk Analytics, Alternative Lending (goeasy)

“We have the ability to pull and aggregate data – pass the data through the decision engine – implement rule sequences and process credit applications for multiple banks. The stability of the base code allows us to turn the tool into what we need to be – it is a huge benefit.”

Fundation Representative, Small Business Lending

Our Experience


Years of Experience


Billion Annual Decisions


Data Sources



Solutions designed to meet customer needs

Comprehensive Model Support

Leverage multiple model types, including PMML, native Python, and R scripting, to reduce implementation time and optimize programming resources.

Exceptional Client Services

Experience a white-glove approach to account management, delivery, and support, ensuring seamless integration and continuous improvement.

Extensive Data Integration

Access over 200 pre-configured data sources with normalized calculated attributes for comprehensive risk assessment and decision-making.

Advanced Decisioning Capacity

Utilize advanced tools like segmentation trees, champion/challenger frameworks, policy rules, scorecard implementation, and multi-dimensional matrices to enhance decisioning processes.

Global Configurability

GDS Link’s decision-making solutions can be adapted to virtually any lending vertical on a global scale, ensuring flexibility and scalability for diverse business needs.

Real-Time Analytics

Implement real-time analytics to gain instant insights and make data-driven decisions that enhance operational efficiency and profitability.
Debt Management and Decisioning | GDS Link


Traditional and Non-Traditional Banking | GDS Link


The evolving needs of borrowers and the changing lending marketplace present complex challenges for today’s banks. Coupled with aging legacy systems and shifting financial regulations, these issues can seem insurmountable. GDS Link offers flexible, scalable solutions to help banks thrive by optimizing processes across a wide range of lending products and services.

Risk Management For Credit Unions | GDS Link

Credit Unions

Credit unions have unique relationships with their members, relying on the right solutions to meet or exceed customer experience expectations. They need accurate data to tailor their offerings and automate manual processes. GDS Link helps credit unions become more agile, frictionless, and strategic in their operations.

Risk Management and Decisioning for Lenders | GDS Link


Fintech companies face unique challenges in a rapidly evolving market. They require advanced tools to compete effectively and drive innovation. GDS Link supports fintechs by streamlining processes, enhancing data integration, and uncovering new growth opportunities. From lead generation to origination and customer lifecycle management, our solutions help fintechs thrive in the competitive landscape.

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From loan originations and decisioning, to customer management and beyond, GDS Link helps thousands of clients manage risk while driving growth.