Elevate Your Financial Insights with GDS Link Open Banking Attributes

Harness the Full Potential of Over 1,000 Normalized Open Banking Data Points

Gain an edge in precision and personalization with GDS Link’s expansive, model-ready financial attributes designed for the modern credit landscape.

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Empower Your Credit Decisions with Advanced Open Banking Analytics

Discover how our sophisticated aggregation and normalization processes can transform your financial data into actionable strategies.

Aggregated Transactional Clarity
Omni Channel | GDS Link
Delve into a wealth of insights from millions of anonymized banking interactions, meticulously aggregated for your strategic advantage.
Automated Credit Intelligence
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Enhance your underwriting prowess with automated rulesets, leveraging our comprehensive attributes for superior credit decisions
Insightful Customer Engagements
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Deploy our deep data insights to forge stronger customer connections, tailoring your services to meet nuanced financial behaviors and preferences.

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Industry-Leading Models:

Propel your strategies with the pinnacle of predictive modeling.
Credit Attribute Deployment

Innovative Deployment Platform:

Launch, manage, and adapt with a cutting-edge platform designed for the modern credit landscape.

24/7 Monitoring & Re-tuning:

Ensure your models remain relevant and adaptive, with consistent performance checks and updates.

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