Application Portfolio Risk Management Software

To grow, businesses need to cultivate prospects and acquire new customers. However, to sustain long-term success, businesses must ensure that existing clients are being reviewed and managed correctly.

Today, with many dynamics facing the lending markets, balancing the efforts of managing portfolio health and optimizing customer relationships can be challenging to an organization’s credit risk resources. The right automation solution can drastically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of portfolio management efforts.

Customer and application portfolio management software can be an effective tool in the ongoing battle to assess your customer’s potential. GDS Link offers clients highly-flexible risk management tools and sophisticated consultation on the best ways to source and analyze relevant data.

Our advanced toolkit serves as a modular and flexible solution for business leaders who need a real-time snapshot of the risk associated with their accounts. With DataView360 ®, users enjoy a more robust decision management environment, helping to ensure existing portfolios are properly managed and optimized to contribute to future growth.


Business leaders must ensure they have included all the relevant variables and factors in their decisions regarding retention and maximization of customer value. Utilizing the appropriate internal and external data is key, but putting the data to work in the right portfolio management environment is what separates knowing your customer from knowing what your customer needs and wants.

At GDS Link, our customer management solutions take this concept a step further by empowering businesses to assign the most effective treatment strategies for various customer segments. For example, customers that are becoming an increasing burden or financial risk can be identified before significant losses are sustained, while potentially overlooked customers that are identified as cross-sell opportunities can be tapped at the right time to increase profits and retention.




Our products offer a number of tools that provide increased visibility and control over customer accounts that improve critical judgments and decisions. Our solutions offer:

  • Advanced strategy management features, such as the champion/challenger strategy or what-if strategy
  • Custom score model development to aid in decision making
  • Optimization tools, which can help maximize the effective utilization of finite resources such as maximum credit limits
  • Sophisticated analytical databases
  • Treatment strategy assignment tools