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Collectively, our Global Advisory Team possesses decades of experience in developing successful risk management strategies with businesses across the financial spectrum. Beyond the Modellica platform, GDS Link provides consultative engagement to both traditional and non-traditional financial institutions. Our partners include banks, specialty lenders, credit bureaus, financial software platform providers and others operating in industries such as automotive, leasing, retail and more.

International Expertise and Thought Leadership

Professionals with practical experience as former data scientists, Chief Credit and Risk Officers, and hands-on practitioners — backed by over 50+ years of credit risk data and strategy experience — designed to provide independent assessments and global reach to enhance insights into your business, wherever you are in the world.

Proven Methodologies and Data Expertise

Market leading software tools, robust processes to validate & build complex models such as machine learning, transparent frameworks, and the industry’s most comprehensive solution to creating a formidable credit risk data set drive insight and improve business results.

Competitive Advantage Through Technology

Rapid innovation and economic strain in the lending markets highlight risk exposures and the need for market leading technologies. The GDS Link team can work with you to understand your risks and opportunities, develop a competitive approach to managing them, and design the best technology solution to improve your bottom line.

What Our Customers Say

“We have the ability to pull and aggregate data - pass the data through the decision engine - implement rule sequences and process credit applications for multiple banks. The stability of the base code allows us to turn the tool into what we need to be – it is a huge benefit.”

Fundation Representative, Small Business Lending

“We had a 50% reduction in time to implement a Logistical Regression Model by using GDS's PMML tool. Previously it took approximately 20 hours and with this tool we can deploy a model in approximately 10.”

Senior Manager of Risk Analytics, Alternative Lending (goeasy)

“Working with GDS allows us to automate very complex decisioning algorithms and incorporate new models that could not be accomplished in our old system. It is the key to success.”

Head of Credit Infrastructure, Specialty Finance, Short Term Installment lending (Republic Finance)

“We wanted to duplicate the existing systems capabilities at a lower cost and be able to add additional functionality as needed.”

Leader Commercial Truck Financing (BMO)

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