GDS Link’s solutions and services have been developed by credit people for credit people. From originations to customer management to collections, we present partners with opportunities for optimization at every stage of the credit customer lifecycle. We harness the power of over 200 global sources of borrower data, giving you access to the tools you need to design, test and deploy credit decisioning and risk strategies in real-time.

Loan Originations and Decisioning

The quality of your leads matters, but properly screening purchased leads can be costly. When accurate data is paired with custom workflows, decision trees and scorecard models, you can overcome these challenges to effectively grow your portfolio. Learn how GDS Link integrates directly with loan application systems to reduce lead acquisition costs and automate credit decisioning to power instant, digital loan application experiences the modern borrower has come to expect.

Underwriting and Fraud Prevention

Whether lending to consumers or businesses, your organization has a need to grow and acquire new clients. Sustainable growth requires you to process applications consistently and cost effectively. GDS Modellica solutions support originations, account review and fraud mitigation. Our Underwriting solution addresses business process automation through queue management, workflow, prioritization and exception handling, making it ideal for any business looking for a fast, reliable and cost effective customer acquisition or underwriter solution.

Customer Management

To achieve the proper balance between risk, revenue and cost, lenders must proactively manage their customers. That means unlocking cross-selling opportunities, initiating line increase/decrease strategies, and managing card authorizations, rate adjustments, collections and recovery activities. With our highly-flexible data and decisioning tools, we can help you increase customer retention and realize greater ROI — all while lowering costs and mitigating risk.

Collections and Debt Management

A strong and strategic collections strategy — one based risk and increased burden — is necessary to combat the steady rise in delinquencies. With GDS Link, you can segment collection portfolios based on various risk indicators, assign strategy codes to delinquent accounts to identify triggers, and uncover areas of opportunity and exposure with real-time analytics. These processes can maximize recapture, provide a better customer experience and mitigate the risks associated with delinquency.

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