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A steady supply of qualified leads is essential to the growth of any portfolio. But the costs associated with properly screening purchased leads represent a barrier to growth that legacy systems struggle to overcome. Limited access to data, inflexible decisioning systems and manual underwriting processes are common issues within traditional infrastructures. We work around the limitations of legacy infrastructures by integrating directly with loan application systems, aggregating data from a host of traditional and non-traditional data sources, and allowing risk managers to build, test and deploy risk strategies in real time without the need for a heavy reliance on IT resources.

Prequalify Leads and Process Loan Applications Instantly

Modellica, GDS Link’s full credit lifecycle solution, reduces wasted marketing dollars by prequalifying incoming loan applications with a soft ID and fraud check prior to purchasing the lead. Once leads have been vetted and acquired, Modellica aggregates customer data from over 200 available data sources.

Fund Loans
with Speed to
Remain Competitive

Analyze a potential borrower’s credit records, bank transactions, ID and fraud data, as well as a myriad of other internal and third-party data sources. Process the application instantly, modeling the borrower’s risk profile and weighing your options to approve, deny or offer additional pricing options automatically. With exception for any manual review, the entire loan application process takes place in the space of a few breaths.

Design, Test and Deploy Risk Strategies More Easily

Custom scorecard models are easily built and tested with Modellica. They can be deployed to your production environment at the press of a button. Modellica’s flexibility means all stakeholders have the power to design workflows and models, as well as run simulations to test how the changes affect exposure to risk and potential gains across your target populations.

Better Tools
Enable More
Profitable Decisions

Instill trust in your risk managers that your credit decisioning system is informed by a vast repository of borrower data, including consumer and business credit bureaus, fraud monitors, income verification services and more. Create composite fields from multiple sources and customize calculations to assess risk and opportunity according to your unique risk strategies’ specifications.

What Our Customers Say

We had a 50% reduction in time to implement a Logistical Regression Model by using GDS's PMML tool. Previously it took approximately 20 hours and with this tool we can deploy a model in approximately 10.

Senior Manager of Risk Analytics Alternative Lending

Over 80% of banks can’t participate in credit cards because of scale. We saw an opportunity to build a 21st century end-to-end platform for banks to service credit card loans, including credit decisioning and on-boarding processes.

President CorServ

We have the ability to pull and aggregate data - pass the data through the decision engine - implement rule sequences and process credit applications for multiple banks. The stability of the base code allows us to turn the tool into what we need to be – it is a huge benefit.

Fundation Representative Small Business Lending
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From loan originations and decisioning, to customer management and beyond, GDS Link helps thousands of clients manage risk while driving growth.


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