TransUnion’s Director of Financial Services Talks Collections, Communication, and Cutting-Edge Strategies

On the next installment of Lending Link LIVE from the show floor at FinTech Meetup, host Rich Alterman takes us into the dynamic world of financial services with Javier Alvarado, Director of Financial Services at TransUnion.

Celebrating nearly ten years with TransUnion, Alvarado shares his expertise in outbound communications and collections, highlighting how TransUnion’s innovative solutions enhance customer outreach and engagement. From caller name optimization to the strategic use of data and analytics in managing delinquent accounts, this episode dives deep into the strategies shaping the future of finance.

Join Rich and Javier for an insightful discussion on the challenges and opportunities in collections, the impact of financial trends on consumer behavior, and the cutting-edge tools driving operational efficiency in the financial services industry. Take advantage of this deep dive into the technology, finance, and customer communication nexus on The Lending Link.

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Episode Transcript


About TransUnion:

With over 50 years of experience as a credit reporting agency, TransUnion has been at the forefront of fostering trust. The company’s extensive history in stewarding and analyzing data has cultivated a comprehensive understanding of consumer identity. Further bolstered by significant investments in new data sources and technology, TransUnion has broadened its expertise into fraud, marketing, and customer-driven analytics.

TransUnion is a global information and insights company, which is pivotal in facilitating trust within global commerce. This achievement is realized through providing a Tru™ picture of individuals: a practical view of each consumer derived from a vast array of online, offline, public, and proprietary data, all managed with the utmost care.

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