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Credit Bureau Reporting Software

GDS Link is the leader in providing Credit Bureau software solutions available through a license or revenue-sharing agreement Utilizing a proven Credit Bureau software platform designed for central banks, consortiums, and entrepreneurial ventures, offering rapid development and deployment to various environments.

At GDS, the future of credit bureau software lies in empowering the bureau operator to change the software to satisfy ever-changing business requirements rapidly. We have empowered many clients in both developing and mature economies, with an extensive track record of success in multiple countries, including the Philippines, South Africa, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Russia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Key Features:

  • Positive and negative data sharing
  • Supports both consumer and business credit reporting
  • Our search engine utilizes all available ID elements
  • Dispute management
  • Direct access for consumers
  • Triggers, alerts, notifications, and skip-tracing functionalities
  • Implement scoring models
  • Multiple layout support for data contribution management
  • Online, real-time integration and batch access
  • Robust administrative features to enroll subscribers, establish branches and user profiles
  • Activity reporting that populates your billing system
  • Supports retrospective searches based on past applications dates
  • Data loading quality checks, exception report generation, and data quality threshold management
  • Supports ‘Roll Back’
  • 100% uptime
  • Fully Customizable

Underline Technology

  • Linux Operating System
  • DBMS – compatible with MySQL, Oracle, Postgres,
  • DB2
  • Apache Web Servers

Consultancy Services

Our dedicated and experienced consultants enhance engagement by contributing to client learning and project success. GDS provides world-class consulting services to organizations seeking credit bureaus solutions and related services.

Feasibility Studies


Growth Rate, Inflation Rates, Interest Rates Trends, Per Capita Income


Cash flow, Depreciation, Costs, Analysis


Core Market Research, Review of Business Potential, Market Size


Nature of Entity, Stakeholders, Staffing, Infrastructure


The site, Level of Technology, Limitations, H/w and S/w Supply and Maintenance


Data Protection Laws, Central Bank Regime, Consumer Protection

Strategic Positioning:

  • Credit Bureaus’ best practices
  • Codes of conduct
  • Data sharing and supply
  • Permissible purposes, consent
  • and consumer disputes
  • Information security
  • Positive and negative data provision
  • Data format, frequency of data
  • submissions, data retention
  • Data quality management

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