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Credit Risk Management Analytics

GDS Link’s credit risk analytics solutions support the critical job functions of today’s risk manager by streamlining the development of new strategies and removing the roadblocks common in legacy systems. To remain competitive in today’s dynamic and regulated marketplace, it is crucial that risk management personnel have powerful and flexible tools to support the development of custom scorecard models, data attribute sets and complex risk management strategies, all of which DataView360 supports.

A strong credit risk analytical platform solution can have a dramatic impact on the success and growth rate of an organization.

Working with GDS Link means that your teams will have access to an experienced analytical team, to help guide development from design to implementation.

In today’s complex and dynamic market, it is necessary that lenders fully utilize all available data to better understand customer behavior and changing demographics to remain viable to those that they serve. GDS Link’s Strategy Optimization Engine assures precise and efficient use of available data to better enable your analytical risk management strategies, drive competitive strength and maximize return on investment.

Our credit risk management analytics solutions include:

  • Analytical database implementations
  • Support of champion/challenger testing
  • Performance data integration
  • Custom credit model development
  • Predictive behavioral model development


Many organizations are facing increased collection demands by dramatically increasing their related resources; this is far from the most efficient route. Intelligent segmentation of a delinquent portfolio can lead to better results; improved collectability targeting and effectiveness, resource utilization and efficiency, and expense ROI.
GDS Link enables credit grantors the ability to better leverage behavioral information to optimize the collections process. Our solutions are built around the statistical development of collections models, assigning a probability of successful recovery within a given time frame for each delinquent account. This modeling approach is instrumental in portfolio segmentation to more effectively assign varying strategies to different delinquent profiles.


In today’s competitive marketplace, it is crucial that organizations leverage key resources to maximize their returns. Efficient resources assignment is the leading challenge of most organizations. GDS Link utilizes quantitative optimization methodology in collection model development to help organizations improve on their collection and recovery practices and overall business profitability.

Applications of optimizations include:



Development of an optimal segmentation trees in lieu of manually defining segments based on past judgemental experience. Minimizing risk while maximizing account profitability



Tailoring offers specific to each customer within your portfolio will maximize customer value and marketing expense. Driven by variables such as channel and promotional offering, can be factored to leverage your limited marketing budgets and yield maximum customer revenues and retention.



Assignment of optimal collection strategies at the delinquent portfolio or account levels can be facilitated in order to maximize collection resources and recovery yields.

GDS credit risk management consultants work alongside your teams to thoroughly understand business challenges and translating specific needs into a comprehensive mathematical risk management solution. When combined with GDS Link’s Strategy Optimization Engine, credit grantors are assured an efficient and precise solution to your optimization problems.

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