Credit Risk Management Software Reviews

Credit Risk Management Software Reviews

”By using the PMML tool, we were able to reduce time to implement by 50%, from about 20 hours previously to 5-10 hours and with better accuracy because the process reduces the risk of manual errors.”

Zaur Akhmedov, Director, Acquisition, Risk & Analytics

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“Corserv wraps GDS Link’s data aggregation and decisioning within our internal workflow processes…we enjoy the configurability of the business rules and the availability of GDS’s technical resources.”

Jerry Craft, President

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TymeBank Financial Services | GDS Link Partner

”The business needed to deploy a real-time decisioning engine for the bank with access to multiple data sources…TymeBank got a real sense that GDS Link really knows how to build strategies for our products and terms. GDS Link is a company we felt very comfortable working with”

Dietmar Bohmer, Chief Data Scientist

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