Enhance Your Collections Through Data-Driven Insights

Enhance Recovery, Enrich Relationships

In the nuanced world of debt recovery, GDS Link excels by balancing efficacy with empathy. Our Collections solution, driven by Modellica Behavior Engine, empowers institutions to elevate their recovery rates while maintaining customer dignity. Streamline your processes, make informed decisions, and turn challenges into opportunities with our advanced analytics.

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Accelerate Collections with High-Speed Data Processing

Decisions at the Speed of Now, Relationships Built to Last

Swift Processing = Instant Insights
Enhance collections effectiveness with MBE's rapid data processing, which analyzes millions of data points enabling smarter segmentation, propelling effective outreach and fostering successful recoveries.
Precision-Driven Segmentation
Employ precise behavioral analytics from MBE for fine-tuned customer engagement, supporting focused collections and sustained positive relations.
Boost Operational Efficiency
Leverage MBE's automation to streamline collection activities, allowing your team to concentrate on strategic tasks that add value and drive results.

Enhance Recovery, Ensure Fairness, Build Lasting Bonds

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Discover how GDS Link’s Collections solutions can empower your strategies, merging efficiency with empathy in debt recovery. Learn the value of integrating Modellica Behavior Engine into your collections process—enhancing outcomes, ensuring fairness, and nurturing long-term customer relationships.

Take the first step towards transforming your collections approach with actionable insights and advanced analytics. Download our sales sheet below to start forging stronger, more profitable connections today.

Quicker Decisions, Smarter Lending with GDS Link

Trusted by Clients in 46 Countries, GDS Link Powers over 1 Billion Decisions Annually, Enabling Lenders to Lend More, Profit More and Risk Less

Credit Attribute Deployment

Security and Trust

Safeguard sensitive customer data with robust security measures, ensuring trust and compliance are never compromised.
Credit Attribute Deployment

Customization & Control

Customize decisioning processes with precision, gaining control over every nuance of customer management.

Innovative Insights

Illuminate paths to growth with actionable insights derived from advanced analytics and predictive modeling.
Estrategias de marketing y comunicación​

Seamless Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, assembling all pieces for a complete customer management solution.
Estrategias de precios

Strategic Direction

Navigate the complexities of customer relationships with strategic tools that point your business towards success.

Quicker Decisions, Smarter Lending with GDS Link

Currently Powering Over a Billion Decisions Annually for Clients in 46 Countries Enabling Lenders to Lend More, Profit More, and Risk Less
  1. Global Insight, Tailored and Local Precision
    GDS Link delivers advanced, analytics-driven credit and risk solutions, blending customized services with a balance of global expertise and local insight to optimize the lending lifecycle for growth and risk management.

  2. Comprehensive Data Integration
    Access an expansive network of over 200 data sources globally, ensuring lenders have the most relevant and comprehensive information to make informed decisions quickly and accurately.

  3. Expertise and Innovation Leverage
    GDS Link’s deep industry expertise and cutting-edge technology, including AI and machine learning, to stay ahead in a competitive lending landscape. Our scalable solutions evolve with your business, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of credit and risk decisioning.

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