Client Connect Replay:
GDS Link Delivers Real Results for Brundage Management

Hear from the client themselves about transformative journey in finding a risk decisioning partner, and explore the groundbreaking results delivered by GDS Link.

Top Reasons to Watch:

Uncover the extensive capabilities of our advanced analytics offering and learn how it can redefine your approach to credit risk management.
Gain actionable strategies to overcome manual underwriting inefficiencies, ensure compliance, and enhance process efficiency.
Adopt data-driven methodologies and achieve outstanding predictive accuracy with expert insights.
Be inspired by Brundage Management Company’s impressive 66% increase in approved applications and advanced risk assessment techniques.

Elevate Your Financial Institution

At GDS Link, we've been at the cutting edge of credit risk innovation for over 17 years, employing advanced AI and machine learning to empower financial institutions to reach new heights. Our comprehensive and adaptive solutions are designed to transform challenges into opportunities.
Peter Wyman, CIO of Brundage Management, highlights the impact of GDS Link's Advanced Analytics in this discussion, showcasing how our custom models and tailored attribute sets directly addressed their specific challenges, produced lasting results and set Brundage up for further innovation and success.

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