Loan Portfolios for Credit Unions

From evaluating risk to knowing everything from how many loans have been issued this month, this week, or this year, analyzing loan portfolios can provide you with useful data and the knowledge to make better decisions.

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Benefits of Loan Portfolio Analysis

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Reduce Risk

With the assistance of pre-screen technology, portfolio analysis, and artificial intelligence, lenders can provide real-time lending decisions. Using portfolio analysis to make lending and business decisions is a weapon that every financial institution should have in their back pocket. 

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Track Contributions

Portfolio analysis allows financial institutions to track each line or product’s contribution. It also allows them to track employee contribution and decision making. By analyzing contribution you can examine overall return to lean out products and concentrate on the most lucrative sectors. 

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Make Better Decisions

Loan analytics can help you monitor activity, and when needed, make changes. By using portfolio analysis, you can make appropriate changes based on data rather than intuition. While data cannot run your institution, it certainly can help steer you in the right direction.

Use Loan Portfolio Analysis in your Credit Union

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“Over 80% of banks can’t participate in credit cards because of scale. We saw an opportunity to build a 21st century end-to-end platform for banks to service credit card loans, including credit decisioning and on-boarding processes.”

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