The Modellica Decision Management Suite provides an easy way for customers to evaluate, customize, deploy, integrate  and scale state-of-the-art analytics and decision management solutions.


Today´s companies are looking for customer engagement marketing – an integrated process that combines the traditional elements of direct marketing and customer contact centers, including data analytics, campaign management e-commerce and fulfillment, to deliver relevant, personalized and timely customer interactions across all channels.


The loan origination process has become a key fierce competition. The right strategies and analytics can keep your company move in an profitable direction, while navigating an changing business environment. Today’s everyone is empowered to research and purchase financial products and services in a way that they never have been before.

Fraud Prevention

Regulations, compliance and overall risk management place a significant operational burden on financial services. Account origination fraud—that is, opening a credit or bank account with fraudulent or falsified information—is an increasing problem these days. Banks lose billions each year to thieves who use stolen personal information to create new accounts and commit an act of deception.

Customer Management

With a comprehensive customer profile you can accurately identify your most valuable customers or those with high potential to become more valuable. You can also create powerful segmentation campaigns without losing sight of the principles of a cautious risk management. Apply the power of analytics and decisioning in all your operational decisions in an informed way derived by decisional models.

Debt Management

There is increasing pressure on organizations to reclaim unpaid debt to address increasing default rates in tightening markets and at the same time every contact with a customer is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship. Modellica Collection Suite unlocks the power of data and analytics to help companies to increase revenue by automating and streamlining the collection process.

Regulation and Compliance

New International Accounting Standards Board IFRS9 rules on asset impairment take effect in 2018. Also, new U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) rules for recognizing and measuring current expected credit loss (CECL) take effect in 2020. While nominally called “accounting changes” for asset impairment, these new rules will have a much more extensive business impact.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics is a hot field today, and more companies than ever are applying the power of analytics across their business. As data-driven strategies take hold, they will become an increasingly important point of competitive differentiation. Often companies already have the data they need to tackle business problems, but managers simply don’t know how the information can be used for key decisions.

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