Credit Risk Analysis & Risk Decisioning Software

Ensure Lending Decisions Are Current & Proven Predictive Data

In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, lenders must be able to react swiftly to guarantee the strength, accuracy and compliance of their scorecard models. To this end, GDS Link provides its customers with Decision Intelligence, a powerful credit risk analysis & decisioning tool to ensure that lending decisions are made on the most current and proven predictive data.

Available as a graphical interactive environment, Decision Intelligence allows credit risk managers to more easily access their information needed to perform analysis.



Decision Intelligence provides:


  • Model performance and predictive power
  • Comparison of present and past performance as well as theoretical projections
  • Predictive power of the variables that are not part of the model
  • Specific analysis for user-defined subpopulations
  • Creating ad-hoc analysis combining any set of variables, indicators and subpopulations

Models may be implemented in DataView360 ®, which facilitates data access and consolidation before applying the models and credit strategies within the Decision Engine.

Whether implemented to improve upon a legacy application or delivered as part of the full-scale DataView360® solution, Decision Intelligence can have an immediate impact on performance. For more information, contact us today.