Starting Off on the Right Foot to Ensure Success

GDS Link’s onboarding process starts with an assessment of your needs and business goals. We employ a white-glove approach to implementation, assigning you a Client Success Partner for the entire software deployment lifecycle. Our Client Success Partners are with you through each phase, including go-live and beyond. We strive to foster a relationship based on innovation, to help keep you competitive in an ever-changing industry.

Plotting a Course to Where You Need to Be

We’re passionate about unlocking growth with data. Your client success partner will interview your business leaders; extract, clean and format your customer data; and model workflows around your existing processes and policies. From there, we’ll provide a roadmap to implementing best practices and realizing better returns.

Seamless Transitions And Turnkey Data

Turnkey integrations with loan application systems, fraud/ID databases, credit bureaus and more, ensure your easy transition to Modellica. We’ll train your team on how to navigate the visual design studio interface, run simulations and deploy risk strategies in real time. In tandem, our advisory teams can review your risk portfolio and test best practice optimization strategies.

Better Data Equals Better Decisions

Modellica provides you with access to over 200 global data sources, comprehensive analytics of your portfolio, visual modeling tools and workflow automation. Our team will map out a path for your organization to manage the change that comes with new software and ensure growth and greater efficiency. Once launched, we’ll monitor your success for potential optimizations.

“We have the ability to pull and aggregate data - pass the data through the decision engine - implement rule sequences and process credit applications for multiple banks. The stability of the base code allows us to turn the tool into what we need to be – it is a huge benefit.”

Fundation Representative, Small Business Lending

“Working with GDS allows us to automate very complex decisioning algorithms and incorporate new models that could not be accomplished in our old system. It is the key to success.”

Head of Credit Infrastructure, Specialty Finance, Short Term Installment lending (Republic Finance)

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From loan originations and decisioning, to customer management and beyond, GDS Link helps thousands of clients manage risk while driving growth.


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