In today’s rapid-paced lending environment, each organization faces its own unique challenges and risks. Comprised of industry experts with decades of experience in credit risk management and decision-making, GDS Link uses an end-to-end consultative approach with proven benefits for clients of every size and type.

Three decades into the information age, banks have reached an inflection point when it comes to lending. As businesses across all industries work to bridge the digital divide between themselves and their customers, banks must change quickly before the erosion of their market share in lending becomes irreversible. They must adapt their processes and technology to give modern, tech-savvy borrowers what they want and expect.

At credit unions, members matter. Putting the right solutions in place helps deliver the level of customer experience members have come to expect. Leveraging the power of Modellica’s 200-plus data sources can help you further tailor your offerings to meet the needs of borrowers, while also eliminating manual processes through automation. GDS Link enables credit unions to be more agile, frictionless and strategic.

Calling the right services and automating the right elements of the decision are key to delivering the right experience to both low risk remortgage customers and first time buyers who have limited deposit and are stretching their income to make their home ownership dream a reality. GDS Link automates simple decisions, automates the collection of the right data to make the right decisions, and creates an automation pathway where greater efficiency can be delivered over time.

Lending to businesses has historically been a slow process with overreliance on personal guarantees and security. It doesn’t need to be this way. The latest data services allow you to understand the current position of a business and to automate simple decisions.

Consumers increasingly expect access to the money they need when they need it. In the showroom, shop or online, they want to spread the cost of purchases, or reorganise their existing borrowing, seamlessly. GDS Link optimises the use of data to deliver decisions which deliver the right credit risk and regulatory outcomes while minimising friction for customers.

Alternative lenders need a variety of tools to help them compete in different lending markets. GDS Link can help you streamline existing processes while uncovering new opportunities with a comprehensive array of solutions to fit your needs. From the origination process, through managing the entire borrower lifecycle, GDS Link works with marketplace lenders, auto lending and finance organizations, single pay lenders, retail and POS and more.

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From loan originations and decisioning, to customer management and beyond, GDS Link helps thousands of clients manage risk while driving growth.

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