Leveraging Data and Automation to Reduce Risk

To keep pace in an increasingly competitive world, lenders need immediate access to pertinent data when assessing a credit risk. Automated Fraud and ID checks are more efficient and harder to fool than traditional processes. Underwriters can focus on the elements of a case which need greatest attention, forearmed with the most pertinent data to aid their decision, and able to call more data and automatically rescore. GDS Link automates and accelerates key underwriting processes, all the while mitigating fraud risk, improving time to fund and delivering positive customer experiences.

Refined Workflow Aligned to Your Goals

Facilitate faster and more accurate applicant reviews with a refined workflow and approve with confidence. Build in automatic exceptions and escalations based on your practices and business goals. With GDS Link’s configurable platform, automated and manual underwriting processes are easily accommodated.

Quick Access to Applicant Data

GDS Link’s Modellica platform allows for document upload and maintains the applicant data in one place, including bureau data, allowing for quick access and review for underwriters when needed. Set up rules, conditions and algorithms to filter and sort lender applications based on customisable criteria.

Fight Fraud with Data and Speed

GDS Link has a vast number of traditional and non-traditional data sources to support ID verification and fraud prevention. With GDS Link’s Modellica Analytical Solutions, clients are leveraging analytics, traditional and machine learning, to help lenders identity unusual patterns and identify fraud quicker than ever before.

What Our Customers Say

Over 80% of banks can’t participate in credit cards because of scale. We saw an opportunity to build a 21st century end-to-end platform for banks to service credit card loans, including credit decisioning and on-boarding processes.

President CorServ

We had a 50% reduction in time to implement a Logistical Regression Model by using GDS's PMML tool. Previously it took approximately 20 hours and with this tool we can deploy a model in approximately 10.

Senior Manager of Risk Analytics Alternative Lending

We have the ability to pull and aggregate data - pass the data through the decision engine - implement rule sequences and process credit applications for multiple banks. The stability of the base code allows us to turn the tool into what we need to be – it is a huge benefit.

Fundation Representative Small Business Lending

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From loan originations and decisioning, to customer management and beyond, GDS Link helps thousands of clients manage risk while driving growth.