Calvin “Cal” Steinhoff Joins GDS Link as Head of Sales, North America

We are excited to welcome Calvin “Cal” Steinhoff as the new Head of Sales for North America at GDS Link. Cal’s joining signifies a continuation of our tradition of excellence, adding to our already strong team with his vast experience and expertise in the FinTech and SaaS sectors. 

With a career spanning over two decades, Cal is well-versed in FinTech and SaaS sales, particularly in the credit and lending industry. His previous roles at notable companies such as MeridianLink, Enova International, and Seal Software have prepared him well for his new position with us. 

Cal specializes in areas critical to our mission, including POS Finance, BNPL, AI, and Cloud Technology. His profound knowledge and hands-on experience in these fields will further enhance our ability to offer innovative solutions to our clients. Cal is recognized for his strategic leadership in building successful sales teams, developing partnerships, and driving revenue growth, aligning perfectly with our objectives at GDS Link. 

Holding a Bachelor of Arts from Loyola University of Chicago and an Executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Cal’s academic background complements his practical experience, equipping him with a unique blend of insights to lead our sales initiatives. 

As Cal takes on his new role, we are confident that his leadership will drive our continued growth and success. His expertise and vision are tremendous assets to our team, promising to enhance our strategies and contribute significantly to the evolving FinTech and SaaS industry. 

Please join us in welcoming Cal to the GDS Link team. We are excited about the journey ahead and the opportunities that Cal’s leadership will bring. Watch for more updates as we innovate and achieve new milestones together. 

Follow and connect with Cal on LinkedIn here.

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