Case Study: GDS Link’s Analytics Leads to 400% Increase in Consumer Lending

In our latest Case Study, GDS Link’s Analytics Team worked with a client known for being pioneers within consumer lending, and helped grow their lending volume 400%.

Specialty lenders are gaining new opportunities to reach a wider range of audiences. Modernized credit decisioning and analytics solutions are at the center of this movement. With more information delivered in better ways, lenders can offer more varied products and services to a diverse array of customers. One of our clients has been on the cutting edge of this innovation, and they’ve used our services to stay ahead of the market, driving innovation in consumer lending.

About Our Client

GDS Link’s client, which is based in the Southeast, has provided lending services since 1994. They pride themselves on being pioneers in the consumer lending sector, offering innovative loan products that have helped millions of customers address immediate financial needs.

The Challenge

Our client did not have a decisioning platform or underwriting platform, and they did not think they could build it. At the time, they were offering payday and title loan products but were looking to expand to new offerings. Specifically, they were working to support a new unsecured lending product. They needed to improve their underwriting so they could adequately maintain these loan products.

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