[CASE STUDY] Transforming Lending with Technology and Data: Brundage Management’s Success Story with GDS Link

GDS Link’s case study with Brundage Management showcases how technology and data analytics can help overcome common lending challenges, such as regulatory complexities, manual processes, and profitability constraints. 

Brundage Management, operating under Sun Loans, is a prominent name in short-term lending, serving underserved markets with a comprehensive branch network across multiple states. The company faced challenges, including navigating diverse state regulations, adapting to pandemic-related financial instability, and enhancing customer experience amidst rate caps. 

That’s when Brundage Management turned to GDS Link, a leading provider of credit risk management solutions. Together, they implemented GDS Link’s solution, which leverages data analytics, decisioning technology, and automation to streamline lending processes, ensure compliance, and improve decision accuracy. 

The results of GDS Link’s custom models and automation solutions for Brundage Management were impressive. They achieved faster loan decisions and enhanced their lending operations through improved model accuracy, exponentially increasing application volumes without the need for additional personnel or bandwidth. 

So, why is this case study important to you as a reader? It shows how GDS Link’s solution can help lenders overcome common challenges in credit risk management, such as regulatory complexities and inefficient workflows. You can learn from Brundage Management’s experience and see how to implement similar solutions in your operations. 

With increasing competition and changing customer expectations, embracing digital transformation is crucial. GDS Link’s solution can help you achieve this transformation. 

To learn more about Brundage Management’s success story and GDS Link’s solution, download the entire case study now and see how you can transform your lending operations and improve your bottom line. 

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Peter Wyman, CIO of Brundage Management, highlights the impact of GDS Link’s Advanced Analytics in this discussion, showcasing how our custom models and tailored attribute sets directly addressed their specific challenges, produced lasting results, and set Brundage up for further innovation and success.


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