GDS Link Joins Marketplace Lending Association to Promote a Transparent and Efficient Financial System

GDS Link today announced that it has joined the Marketplace Lending Association (MLA) as an associate member.

“GDS Link is honored to be a member of MLA and is excited to work with the innovative and forward-thinking MLA member companies,” said Paul Greenwood, President and Co-founder of GDS Link. “Our industry knowledge and experience with analytics, data and consulting services for marketplace lenders will benefit members while promoting a culture of responsible lending in today’s marketplace lending ecosystem.”

“I am pleased to welcome GDS Link as a member of the Marketplace Lending Association,” said Nat Hoopes, Executive Director of MLA. “I believe we will gain fantastic insights working with GDS Link and I look forward to promoting our shared goals of the responsible growth of marketplace lending and harnessing the promise of better technology for financial innovation.”

GDS Link brings significant value to MLA, from its products and services to its people. The company’s global staff is comprised of individuals with a wide range of credit experience having worked for multiple financial institutions, software companies and data bureaus. For more than ten years, GDS Link has worked with financial services companies throughout the credit lifecycle of a lender’s applicants and customers, including custom credit scorecard development and monitoring, credit scorecard reporting and, more recently, credit risk and analytics consulting.

According to MLA, marketplace lending is lowering the cost of credit, increasing access to capital, providing opportunities to investors of all sorts, and contributing to a stronger financial system. To encourage the responsible growth of marketplace lending, MLA advocates for seven best practices.

About Marketplace Lending Association

MLA, a professional trade association, was formed in 2016. The goals of the Association are to promote a transparent, efficient, and customer-friendly financial system by supporting the responsible growth of marketplace lending, fostering innovation in financial technology, and encouraging sound public policy at the state and federal level. To be eligible to join the association MLA companies must abide by the highest standards of business conduct in providing credit and services to consumers and businesses.

For more information about MLA, its members and its membership standards, visit the MLA website at

About GDS Link

GDS Link, LLC’s core platform, DataView360®, provides its clients in multiple financial verticals with the power and flexibility to rapidly implement their credit risk strategies in support of their lending and account management practices. GDS Link’s data bureau gateway provides easy access to a multitude of third-party data sources in support of risk assessment, fraud prevention and mitigation, income and employment verification processes. Our workflow component fulfills a client’s requirements for processing applications that require manual intervention. Founded in 2006, GDS Link is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with seven international offices including the United Kingdom and Spain. For more information, please visit

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