[Press Release] GDS Link Marketing Services Launches ePrescreen365

GDS Link Marketing Services Launches ePrescreen365: A Ground-Breaking Widget for Streamlined Loan Offers  

GDS Link Marketing Services, a pioneer in marketing solutions for financial services, proudly announces the launch of ePrescreen365, a state-of-the-art widget set to transform how financial institutions present prescreened online loan offers. Designed to meet the escalating demand for online access, ePrescreen365 provides customers/members a frictionless process to view their prequalified loan offers. 

ePrescreen365 facilitates a multi-loan type, perpetual online loan program catering to various loan categories such as Auto, Mortgage, Home Equity, Credit Card, Personal Loan, and Student Loan. This user-friendly widget grant website visitors effortless access to their prequalified loan offers with minimal data capture. By delivering a consistent and seamless customer experience, ePrescreen365 eliminates the need for integration, ensuring that users never have to leave the financial institution’s website. 

The key benefits of ePrescreen365 include: 

  • Meeting Consumer Demand for Online Access: With a fast and straightforward two-factor authentication (2FA) process, ePrescreen365 ensures data security while catering to the increasing consumer demand for online access. 
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By eliminating the need for integration, ePrescreen365 provides a seamless digital journey. Users access offers without being redirected to external platforms, enabling a frictionless, personalized experience. 
  • Lead Generation and Maximizing Loan Opportunities:Through daily “visitor” reports, financial institutions can effectively identify and follow up on leads, maximizing loan opportunities and nurturing customer relationships. 

 ePrescreen365 boasts a responsive design that offers an optimal user experience across multiple devices. Its mobile-friendly interface allows customers/members to seamlessly provide their information, including their name and date of birth, through a simple and intuitive process. The widget presents up to six loan programs tailored to each user’s prequalified offers. 

Implementing ePrescreen365 is a simple and seamless process. Begin by selecting the URL location for the widget and creating a landing page that matches your website’s branding. From there, GDS Link Marketing Services provides the embed code that effortlessly integrates the ePrescreen365 widget into the landing page. Once the code is published, financial institutions can start directing traffic to the landing page, allowing customers or members to instantly access their prequalified loan offers. 

To maximize the outreach and impact of ePrescreen365, financial institutions can leverage various marketing channels, including their website, email announcements, newsletters, text messages, mobile push notifications, billing statements, and direct mail campaigns. By adopting this multi-channel approach, financial institutions can proactively engage with their customers/members and enhance their online loan offer experience. 

ePrescreen365 offers three levels of tracking and reporting:  

  • App Starts – tracks customers/members who submit the prescreen form 
  • Offers – follows customers/members who successfully authenticate 
  • Selected – tracks customers/members who select at least one loan offer  

This comprehensive reporting system provides valuable insights to financial institutions, enabling them to a level of user engagement analysis, allowing them to optimize their marketing strategies. 

ePrescreen365 offers enhanced integration capabilities, allowing seamless integration into existing or legacy infrastructure. ePrescreen365 offers various integration options for financial institutions, such as simple redirects, pre-filling of customer/member information, behind-the-scenes data posting, and API integration with LOS or other providers (subject to permissions). This level of integration empowers financial institutions to streamline their processes and provide a seamless experience for customers/members. 

“We are thrilled to introduce ePrescreen365, and believe it is a true game-changer,” said Paul Greenwood, CEO / President at GDS Link. “With ePrescreen365, integrating a seamless, convenient, and personalized loan offer experience to customers has never been easier for lenders. We are confident ePrescreen365 can and will revolutionize the loan offer process for our clients.” 

About GDS Link Marketing Services: 

GDS Link Marketing Services is a leading provider of innovative marketing solutions for the financial industry. With a strong focus on technology-driven solutions, GDS Link enables financial institutions to enhance customer experiences, streamline processes, and drive business growth. GDS Link’s comprehensive suite of products and services includes credit risk management, prescreening, marketing automation, and more. With a commitment to excellence and a customer-centric approach, GDS Link generates over a billion decisions globally annually, empowering financial institutions to thrive in a rapidly evolving market. 

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