GDS Link receives Top 10 Risk Management Award for 2019

GDS Link has been named a Top 10 Risk Management Provider in 2019 by MyTechMag. As a global leader in credit risk management, GDS Link combines its robust software platform with industry-leading analytics and advisory services, to help lenders manage the entire lifecycle of a borrower.

“As the sole credit risk management firm to make this list, we are excited to be recognized as a leader in our space”, said Paul Greenwood, President and Co-Founder of GDS Link. “This award speaks to our commitment in offering a best-in-class solution for credit risk management for banks, credit unions and non-bank lenders. In addition, this recognizes the trusted relationships we hold with our clients around the world and the proven value we are adding to their organizations”.

Lenders are constantly under pressure to provide value to their customers, while maintaining a definitive and sustainable competitive advantage.  By combining our cutting-edge modeling and analytics, industry-leading technical expertise, and decades of experience within financial services markets, GDS Link empowers its clients with solutions to help optimize their financial returns, manage risk exposures, improve operational performance, and accelerate growth.

“Using risk as a competitive advantage has become the new market efficiency within risk management circles.  As such, organizations must take risks on new opportunities and business models in order to gain an edge.  Today’s market is not for the faint hearted, and therefore taking risks has become part of the game. Through all the ebbs and flows the market has produced, GDS Link has proven to help lenders manage risk successfully”, said MyTechMag Managing Editor, Michael Stewart.

GDS Link – Top 10 Risk Management Provider for 2019

About GDS Link:

GDS Link is a global leader in credit risk management, providing tailored software solutions, analytical and consulting services. Our customer-centric risk management solutions, analytics and advisory services are designed for the modern lender in their pursuit to capitalize on the entire credit lifecycle, allowing them to drive growth while successfully managing risk. Founded in 2006, GDS Link is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with seven international offices including the United Kingdom and Spain. For more information, please visit

About MyTechMag:

MyTechMag aims to provide knowledgeable articles that are easy to understand, giving an insight into the latest happenings of the technology industry. We collect and put forward information that is unbiased, precise, analytical, and presents a clear perspective for our readers to understand.



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