GDS Link to attend risk management summit

Credit Risk in Banking Industry summit

GDS Link, a global provider of risk management tools including credit application software and credit management software, will be attending the 6th Annual Credit Risk in Banking Industry summit in Barcelona. The conference will take place from February 5-7 this year.

According to the summit’s website, risk management has changed greatly within the banking sector in the past years.

“Today, given the future and overall financial forecast and daunting changes ahead, the banking sector is expected to deal with several challenges and follow hot trends at the same time. Moreover, there is a need of an adjustment to changing regulatory climate bearing in mind, and be ready for, certain unpredictable events that might happen,” the summit overview read.

The conference will include workshops and speakers from all over the globe to provide attendees with skills to empower risk management practices. Workshops include “Hedge funds ups and downs: Comparing 2011 and 2012 and what do we expect next,” “Credit Risk Management after Financial Crisis,” and “Stress Tests as useful tools to cope with plausible advert events and to preserve financial stability.”

Some of the 15 speakers include the director of securitization risk and portfolio management at Deutsche Bank and the director of retail credit risk at Barclays.

With so many changes within the banking sphere, including capital increases, risk management tools have continued to prove valuable in helping financial institutions keep up with these new regulations. In addition, banks’ desire to make more loans to qualified borrowers, especially in the wake of the economic crisis, also illustrates the need for tools that can help them remain solvent and profitable. At the 6th Annual Credit Risk in Banking Industry summit, companies such as GDS will be able to discuss innovative ways to help lenders achieve those objectives.

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