Help Members Before Selling Them

The goal of business – even not-for-profit credit unions – is to improve profitability, be it by growing business with existing members and customers, cutting costs, or drawing in new consumers. The investment must be made to drive future growth. Financial institutions are still earning their chops to leverage data on consumers. GDS Link Marketing Services can help your credit union or community bank to use data to market to them when and how they want to be reached. Using FICO scores, demographic and other attributes, our Flitter product will help you reach the right people at the right time, saving you time and money while boosting your return on investment.

Many credit unions and banks start their efforts here, on the internet. While compelling websites and great SEO can help bring potential members and customers in, another important tool is to ensure you’re following a few basic practices to maximize your impact on these prospects that don’t yet know your business.

First and foremost, provide quality educational materials and information relating to your products and how your financial institution can help the consumer. Include examples of how you’ve assisted individual members and customers to reach their dreams, in addition to rates and restrictions. People do business with people, not companies, so be sure to personalize your business so they can better relate. Money is a very delicate subject, so show families how you’re going to help them buy a home for their children to grow up in, a safe place for their retirement nest egg, and a car in the garage to get them to and from work or ballet lessons.

Make it easy for people to contact you through chat, email, phone, or even a tweet. Literally, be there for them when they need your advice and services. Consumers will have questions, and you have to be ready to answer them in the manner they want them answered. Chatbots can quickly answer many repetitive questions, but you’ll want to get them to a representative to start building a relationship.

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Create sharp, visually appealing landing pages for your products. A complete product page may provide too much information and overwhelm the visitor. Highlight what a consumer who is seeking out your products would be looking for, then use a secondary product page to provide additional information. While on your product’s landing page, gather information about them to help you better serve them and adjust their experience accordingly.

Use your data. Capture contact information and follow up with the customer. Advise them. Help educate them. Personalization is how trust is won and members/customers are made.

Finally, the best way to market to new customers is to serve your existing members and customers better than anyone else can. Happy consumers can become a powerful voice in your marketing engine. Use testimonials and incent them to refer business to you. Give them an experience that gets them talking up your credit union or a bank with their friends and family. Branding is about building solid, long-term relationships; that becomes your brand, not just putting out information. Use these tools to educate your existing and potential members and customers to build long-term success.

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